A Illuminatus Bio

At the heart of every Arabian horse owner is the search to bring out the true essence of the Arabian in all its glory, beauty and nobility. That search now leads to one magnificent young stallion, A Illuminatus who "lights the path" to the treasures of the Arabian horse. 


His pedigree is a carefully distilled amalgam of three visionary foundation breeders, Gleannloch, Ansata and Bentwood. It comes as no surprise that famed Ansata Arabian stud found its vision in the influence of the celebrated sire Nazeer, the archetype of the Arabian horse. Ansata skillfully fashioned the Nazeer influence into the classic Arabian horse. Ansata Arabian Stud imported more Nazeer get than any other private farm worldwide, and among its final Nazeer treasures was the beautiful pearl white mare named Fulla. Upon importation to the U.S., she was appropriately named Ansata Bint Nazeer. She was a truly fine mare with skin as fine as silk fabric. She had the most exquisite face, adorned with the thinning fine velvet coat revealing the black skin underneath in a natural way. She was a cover girl without need of makeup to show her extraordinary beauty. Her bone was as though carved from ivory, strong, flat and finely sculptured. A Saqlawi Jidran by strain, Ansata Bint Nazeer was also double Mansour, the great sire of Nazeer. It was only natural that she be bred to Ansata Ibn Halima who was also double Mansour, thus concentrating this choice blood known for quality of form and balance.


The next generation from this Mansour line breeding would incorporate the legendary Gleannloch bred sire Nabiel, a son of the unparalleled top winning show horse Sakr but also out of the cherished mare Magidaa. Nabiel rose to becoming the 4th most heavily used straight Egyptian sire in the entire breed, a supreme vote of approval from Arabian breeders worldwide. The result of this combination created DB Naseema, granddam of A Illuminatus. Her well thought out mating to the Bentwood bred stallion AK Shaikh, a 7/8 brother to world-renowned Ruminaja Ali, is what created Kuy Shaihnya, the dam of A Illuminatus. 


As Bedouin legend and knowledge has proven time and again, the dam of a potential sire is key to his future, and Kuy Shaihnya combines all the best of Ansata, Gleannloch and Bentwood. 


The legend continues in mating her to the charismatic and beloved stallion Ansata Nile Emir, the sire of A Illuminatus. Ansata Nile Emir is from the renowned "Nile" family that has created such legends as Ansata Nile Echo in the Middle East. Ansata Nile Emir is a son of the immortal Ansata Halim Shah, and out of Ansata Nile Charm, who is double US National Champion Ansata Ibn Sudan, noted for the quality and balance in his get. Arguably one of the most charismatic and impressive sons of Ansata Halim Shah, Ansata Nile Emir in a pedigree is unique and treasured.


This then is the parchment scroll of heritage which bears the seal of A Illuminatus, a truly beautiful Arabian stallion who has already proven to "light the way" to the classic Arabian horse in all its glory and nobility.